Spring Village Basic School (Aunt May School)


Aunt May, (Mavis Walters) had been one of the longest and most valuable contributors to the foundation of Spring Village. She is considered to be one of our most respected matriarchs. Her imprint can still be seen in the lives of those inside as well as outside Spring Village. Her drive and passion for teaching has prompted her to become the founder of the Spring Village Basic School. Today, virtually ever middle-aged adult, as well as their children can be said to have passed through Aunt Mayís Basic School. These pupils range from ages three to five years old. In her almost 50 years of teaching it is estimated that at least 15,000 children has passed through her School. These include those who came from surrounding communities such as Nightingale Grove, Bushy Park and Church Pen.


Aunt May, has always exemplified a lifestyle of sound discipline and high moral character. She is usually seen as stern on the surface but naturally humorous underneath. These qualities are characteristic of her teaching methods and attribute to her success as a master teacher.

Aunt May has been a long-standing member of the Shiloh Baptist Church fro many decades where she remains active in church life. The church choir knows her for her endeavoring contribution, where she has been a cornerstone of the alto section for many years. Aunt May has officially retired from teaching. These days however, she can be caught taking her morning walk with her fellow church member and long-time friend Mrs Punku (Harris). This becomes part of their morning ritual as they walk up the road and back exchanging thoughts while enjoying each otherís company.




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