The Bushy Park Aqueduct



For centuries, the water flowing through Spring Village has been the life-blood of various communities miles away.

The Bushy Park Aqueduct, (one of the few remaining aqueducts in Jamaica) was built with the help of slave labor between 1760 and 1780. It was used as a conduit to supply water from the Spring Garden River (Coleburn Gully) to the sugar plantations in Bushy Park. This was used as a means of irrigation as well as power to a water wheel for grinding cane, making possible (at the time) one of the largest Jamaican sugar plantations. Sugar was important to the British, as it served as their main purpose of propagating slavery in Jamaica.


Although the aqueducts can still be seen across from the “highway 2000”, they remain as a vivid reminder of the impact Spring Village had on its surrounding communities.



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