Miss Tamma’s Yard



Holy Ground  for playing Marbles that is”

The ground in front of this house is the site where many battles were literally fought and lost. This is the sacred site where the most marbles were played in Spring Village. Though overgrown today, if this ground could talk it would tell you of how many “liges” were called, marble fights, children who got beatings from parents and teachers because of playing marbles. Here many gigs were broken or left with holes in them and their owners left in tears and a pain in their heart. This is often preceded by cries of “search her”.  Which means, you should search your gig for the huge hole that was just placed in it by another.

The amazing thing is that with all this confusion going on in her yard, she never said a word to anyone or drove them out. Not even after the school bell (at Shiloah) just rang. Maybe she knew that you would be getting a dose of beating from your teacher anyway, since the bell rang half hour ago and you are still playing “taw”.




Ball Ground and Miss Tamma Dibby Dibby Tree

Another important site beside Miss Tamma’s house is her infamous Dibby Dibby tree.

People used to sit on this tree, rock it to death while commentating on the cricket game that was going on.


 There used to be a ball ground to the left of it where the whole village used to play cricket, football, track and field and any other games you could think of.

It is also the site where Miss Pini Porah beat up Mr. Nelson Jerry. To this day he does not know why she did it. Rumors are that she was in love with him and he had no clue of what was going on at the time. He was only 11.






















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