Spring Village Gospel Assembly





The Spring Village Gospel Assembly, affectionately known as “Rock Stone Church”. Is located in the northeastern section of the Village. The area got the name “Rock Stone” because of the unfinished “rocky” marl road that runs through it. This was the case because only the main road through the village was paved and the “Rock Stone” road was often treated with lower priority. Today, although the area still maintains the name, the road is fully paved and no longer exhibits the hazards of past decades. This however, in not without the exception of a few potholes here and there which are being skirted by drivers.


The Gospel Assembly church boasts a rich tradition of leaders such as “Brother Ebenezer”, Pastor White and the dynamic Pastor Powell. Who’s preaching was so animated that at times one could easily feel as if they were an actual part of the sermon. Pastor Powell was one of the key figures to promote the growth of the church. The church has been a major part of the community for six decades. In 2004 it celebrates its 60th anniversary in serving the community and does so with a series of special events to mark the occasion.

Although Pastor Powell is long deceased, his influence can still be seen among key members such as Sister Kitty (Vera Warren), Brother Gurvin (Ucal Gale), Daniel White and many others.


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Service Times:         Sunday Morning

Sunday Evening

Wednesday Evening

Friday Evening Youth Fellowship


Pastor: Rev. Donovan D. Cole


Phone: 876 983-8479

Email: info@springvillagega.org

Web Page: http://springvillagega.org



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