Seventh Day Adventist




The Spring Village Seventh Day Adventist Church remains one of the dominant churches within the Village. It is an affiliate of the Jamaica Seventh-Day Adventist Churches and is a longstanding contributor to church life within the Village. The church boasts a long tradition of leaders such as Brother Ashley, Brother Williams, Sister Munn and Brother Teape. It also continues to nurture its branch in Nightingale Grove, which it pioneered at least fifteen years ago.


The story was told many years ago by Humroy who clamed to be walking down the lane (shown above) to his home when suddenly he heard someone say “hey man!”. He kept turning around and going back to see who it was that was calling him. After several tries he later realized that it Mass John (Kennedy) that was saying “Amen!” in church.



Service Times: Saturdays

Pastor: TBD


Phone: TBD

Email: TBD


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