Shiloh Baptist Church



The Shiloh Baptist Church is the oldest church within Spring Village. In fact, it is the only one of its kind within a 10-mile radius. It is primarily of stone and mortar construction and boasts Gothic style architecture. This type of architecture with its flying buttresses was famous in Jamaica around the 18th century. Gothic architecture however, dates back as far as the 12th century and can be seen in many of the old cathedrals around the world. Because of the British colonial influence, many older churches in Jamaica bear this style. It should be noted that the vestibule at the front entrance (shown in picture) is a fairly recent addition which took place within the last 8-10 years. The original design had just a step leading up to the main entrance. The age of the building is still under research as well as its historical significance within the Bushy Park and Thetford geography. Since it is the only church of its size in such a large radius along with the St. Dorothy’s church, it may hold some significance to the history of the area.


Shiloh is an affiliate of the Jamaica Baptist Union and belongs to the Kitson Town circuit of churches. It boasts a rich tradition of pastors such as Rev. Carter Henry, Zeph Dawnes, Jeffrey McKenzie and Harry Jarrett. The church throughout the years has also fulfilled the dual role of church and school. For decades, it was home to what is now Spring Garden All age school. The remarkable thing is that throughout the years Shiloh has continued to fulfill both rolls as church and school inside the same building and has performed both equally well without a major hiccup. In addition to the village, the school has served communities as far away as Church Pen and Bushy Park and was for decades the only primary school between Spring Village and Old Harbor.


Today, the church continues to be a vital arm of the community as it has done so in the past. It now has a new Pastor Rev. Norva Rodney who came in April of 2004. He previously served in the parish of St. Ann for 10 years and now serves the Spring Village community.



Mrs Gibbs addressing the congregation.                                                            Sunday-school Children offering a rendition.



Service Times:         Sunday Morning

Sunday Evening

Wednesday Evening

Friday Evening Youth Fellowship

Pastor: Norva Rodney


Phone: TBD

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